New Indian Arrivals review in Interventions

A detailed new review of Indian Arrivals, written by Anshuman A. Mondal, has been published in Volume 19, Issue 5 of Interventions (May 2017). In particular, Mondal praises Boehmer’s ‘extraordinarily sensitive and skilful reading[s]’ and describes the book as ‘a formidable demonstration of her skill as a literary critic’. Some other highlights:

Elleke Boehmer is one of the very few genuine literary all-rounders, as capable of writing excellent fiction as she is works of literary scholarship.


Indian Arrivals is a work of great subtlety, fleshing out the contrapuntal, intercultural encounters between Indians and Britons in the metropolitan contact zone of empire with deft skill and attention to nuance, and it takes its place alongside other landmark works produced by the groundbreaking interdisciplinary “Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad” project, which has collectively produced a corpus of scholarship that will inform understandings of the South Asian contribution to British life for years to come.


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