Review of <em>Postcolonial Poetics</em> on LitNet

Review of Postcolonial Poetics on LitNet

A new review of Postcolonial Poetics by Karina Magdalena Szczurek has been published in LitNet. Szczurek praises the book for its “intriguing approach to understanding our relationship to postcolonial literature as readers”. She continues:

Throughout Postcolonial poetics, Boehmer’s careful examination of “reading” practices allows for not only a deeper understanding of the formal, aesthetic dimension of postcolonial writing, but our role as readers in decoding and experiencing a text. It constitutes an invigorating relocation of attention in postcolonial studies.

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“Evelina”: new short story published online!

“Evelina”: new short story published online!

A new short story, entitled “Evelina”, has been published in the Australia-based Mascara Literary Review. The story offers a glimpse into Elleke’s upcoming short story collection, South, North, which will be published in 2019.

The Australian edition of The Shouting in the Dark will come out from UWAP in early 2019.

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