“Migration Impacts”: Elleke addresses the House of Commons!

“Migration Impacts”: Elleke addresses the House of Commons!

Elleke will be presenting a seminar entitled “Migration Impacts” at the House of Commons on 1 November 2016.

Migration has been occurring from the Indian sub-continent into the UK for well over a hundred years. How far can our understanding of the impact on our culture help shape our future policy?

The event is part of the University of Oxford’s “Possibilities” series, and is hosted by Virendra Sharma, MP. Entry is by invitation only.

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With passion, intelligence, and rare moral insight, Elleke Boehmer traces the scars left on the psyche by the tortuous histories of the South.

—J. M. Coetzee

The delicate intersection between the personal and the political has seldom been so skilfully explored; readable, tangible and haunting.

—Naomi Wolf

Elleke Boehmer brings to her stories two qualities that all too often are mutually exclusive: the lucidity of her intelligence and the passion of her engagement.

—André Brink